Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Intercorstal 2 Page 9 WIP

Here's the current state of Page 9 of the Intercorstal 2.

It's a... bit of a departure. As I was working on Page 8, my son asked if he could help (he's 4). I kindly asked him to leave that page, as I was almost done, but he could do a little to this page, which I'd laid out in pencil (again, after a page from 'Still Life'). He took a pen and scribbled over the whole thing. Not sure why I expected anything different.

But, y'know... it did add a totally new element to the page, which was going to be very constructed, and a lot of hard work. As you can see, I've started working into what he left, and hope if I continue it'll all work out. Check back, if you're interested, I'm sure I'll post up the finished page.

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