Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Goodbye "Intercorstal 2", Hello "683"

The Intercorstal moves very much in phases, and in a way is a set of smaller projects interconnected by a style and intention. And the phase that had been called 'Intercorstal 2' came to a close, unexpectedly, with page 34. I hadn't realised that was the last page until I'd started work on the first page of the next phase/project.

Page 34 couldn't have been a more appropriate place to finish, really. It's a recreation of the last page of Revere Book 2, where the main character reaches the end of that phase of his journey and throws himself off the roof of a car park, to be reborn at the beginning of Book 3. That my recreation was more faithful than my ripped pages had been previously probably says something too, albeit a completely unconscious decision.

And so on to what's next: "The Intercorstal: 683" which for the time being I'm keeping a little closer to my chest, certainly not rushing to share every single page as it's finished. I'm actually hoping to wait until all 36 pages are finished before I pull the curtain back, so this blog will go even quieter than it normally would be.

And who knows how long for -- what '683' has which was missing from '2' is a distinct direction, so in that respect progress should be more routine, and faster. But at the same I've got a pretty hefty amount of work to do in time for an exhibition with Projectroom 404 in Bremen in September, as well as working on a new entry for the Lakes Comic Art Fest Windows Trail, plus the totally different Crosby and Syd, as well as other bits and bobs. Oh, and a full time job, and two children, and a wife.

But I've got three pages of 683 pages finished and scanned already, and if I manage to maintain that pace I'll be finished this year, at least.

Here's what I've got so far:

See you in a few months.

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